Jean Yves MURERWA, Head of Bancassurance

Posted by Sylvie Gasibirege on

Jean Yves MURERWA holds a Masters degree in Microfinance and economic development, a post graduate certificate in management financial institution such as MFIs, Sacco’s, and small enterprise. Yves holds a Bachelor degree in accounting especially Enterprises Management, and he is a certified public accountant (CPA). He has a 5 years’ experience in financial institution, 2 years’ experience in insurance as claims analyst & underwriting officer at Radiant Insurance Company in the Agriculture Department with various training in the field of Micro Insurance namely Introduction to micro insurance and later market research and pricing insurance as well as healthier insurance. Yves hopes to provide appropriate, affordable, responsive, accessible and simple insurance solutions for all Rwandan citizens especially for low income earners, especially women.

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