The product is designed to provide benefit for accidental death, total permanent disability, medical fees and cover for third party liability for a student when at the school or in Academic Activities and when on the way to or from the school. This product will target Nursery, Primary, TVT, Secondary, Tertiary and schools from the whole country (Urban and rural).

Coverage/ Benefit:

The Insurer will indemnify the insured, subject to the limit of indemnity, in respect to the insured’s school student during the period of insurance and the covers are stated below:

  1. Accidental death: Death resulting from Accident of the insured student
  2. Accidental Total permanent disability: Permanent disability of the insured student due to Accident
  3. Medical fees: Medical expenses paid on insured student resulting from Accident
  4. Property and Material damage: When the insured cause a material damage to the third party


Minimum premium are structured as follows:

  1. Nursery and Primary: Rwf 300/Student
  2. Secondary: -   Technical: Rwf 1500/student
  3. Non-Technical: Rwf 1200/student
  4. University and High learning institutions: Rwf 2,000/student

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