Excellence: We believe in excellence in all that we do; getting the right products is just as valuable as getting positive customer experience. Our processes therefore have been aligned to the need to provide superior products and services to our customers.

Integrity: We uphold high standards, ethics and morals in all that we do; we’re committed to serving our clients with honesty and transparency. 

Respect: We believe we have to treat all our stakeholders, employees and clients with respect and dignity. 

Teamwork: We believe that success and coherent strategies are a product of team work and corporate approaches to business.

Customer centricity: We believe the greatest firm equity are our clients. Creating customer loyalty is an integral strategy for our business.



Insurance is a promise of a peace and by ensuring that we keep our promises, we make sure that we contribute to financial well-being of our clients and we will further achieve this by:

  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations with quality services.
  • Understanding the requirements of our jobs and the systems that support us through training and education.
  • Making continuous improvement as part of every day and every job - through the use of team participation and measurements.
  • Following sound underwriting principles.
  • Maintaining cordial and good relationship with our service providers and suppliers.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Participating in and supporting the communities where we do business.
  • Forming strong cooperation with our distribution partners